Addiction and mental health conditions are complex topics that individuals and families may avoid because they do not know how to start a meaningful conversation with loved ones or understand where to turn for help. A professionally-guided intervention program can be a healing process for everyone involved and provide an opportunity for those closest to the individual struggling with mental health or substance use disorder to communicate more effectively.


What is an addiction intervention?

It is easy to think of an intervention as a planned event, and while it does require extensive planning, it is not an event but the first step in a healing process. Addiction can be life-threatening to individuals and families if the substance use disorder continues unchecked. Mental health issues are also commonly present with addiction, which often requires treatment at the same time. A professionally-guided addiction intervention is a safe space that allows the person struggling and those who love them to create the change necessary for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Addiction interventions can successfully assist individuals struggling with drugs, alcohol, mental health, gambling, eating disorders, and other addictions and mental health conditions, address these conditions, and begin healing. Many family members, friends, or coworkers want to help their loved ones but do not know where to turn or what resources to provide, and a professionally-certified interventionist can help.

Intervention cost

An intervention is critical for individuals struggling with substance use disorder or mental health conditions, allowing them and their family members to begin the journey to healing and fulfillment. Because of the weight of circumstances, many friends and families turn to professionally guided interventions to help plan and execute the process. The average cost of a professionally guided intervention varies, depending on the specific services needed and the expertise of the professional leading the process. Insurance does not cover the cost of intervention services.

The Value of a Professional Interventionist

A professional interventionist is highly trained and certified to identify and sensitively and effectively address issues related to addiction. They can offer support and advice during an addiction or mental health intervention and provide the invaluable knowledge and experience necessary to help families communicate differently. A professional interventionist is often the first point of contact for those seeking help for their substance use disorder. 

A professional interventionist sets a positive environment for greater odds of a successful exchange. When you are in the throes of a substance use disorder, the advantage of a professional cannot be overstated. While there is a cost, the benefits outweigh the cost for most individuals and families.

Professional Intervention Services at Hired Power

Hired Power is an addiction and mental health recovery service that takes a family-centered approach to recovery. Our leaders are experts in interventions, safe passage, monitoring, and coaching so that individuals can achieve a successful recovery and purpose-filled life. Hired Power supports families with personalized and compassionate care from your initial phone call through aftercare services

Our professional intervention specialists help plan and organize a well-coordinated intervention and provide a seamless transition through recovery steps. The first step is to have an experienced interventionist assess your situation. Hired Power can help you understand options and immediately transition individuals into a recovery plan if that is the next step. 

At Hired Power, friends and family members can better understand the services needed and associated costs during a consultation. Hired Power does not accept insurance.

Contact Hired Power for help with an addiction intervention

Hired Power is here to help individuals recover from addiction and mental health disorders through personalized plans, a family-centered approach, and transition services. Contact us to learn more about addiction interventions and the value of professional guidance.