Suicide: Are You or a Loved One at Risk?

Suicide: Are You or a Loved One at Risk?  – The World Health Organization has estimated that approximately 1 million people die from suicide each year – the equivalent of one death every 40 seconds. In the United States alone, suicide claims nearly 45,000 lives each year, making it the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S, and the second leading cause of death of 15 – 29-year-olds.

What causes this large number of people to end their own lives? From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to understand the mindset of those caught in the grips of suicidal ideations. However, a suicidal person often sees themselves as having no other options to escape their suffering.

In our webinar, join our very own director of client services, Brandi Bradbury, as well as Shannon Decker, Executive Director & Co-Founder at The Speedy Foundation, as they educate us on suicide’s causes, warning signs, and provide us with the tools needed to help save a life.

Prevention starts with not only recognizing and understanding suicide’s warning signs but taking them seriously. Whether you are interested in helping a loved one, a patient, a client, or yourself, this is a webinar you do not want to miss.