10 Signs You Have An Addiction

  1. You find it difficult to stop thinking about what you are addicted to.  The thoughts are intrusive and do not allow you to think about much else.


  1. You avoid your responsibilities.  You may miss work or school due to the addiction and you avoid other responsibilities such as attending family functions or paying your bills.


  1. You have difficulty with your relationships.  You may be experiencing problems with family members and arguing more because of your behavior.


  1. You may isolate yourself from others.  You might prefer to either be alone or with your addiction “friends”.  You decline social engagements with family and friends.


  1. You find you are using more of the substance or engaging in other behaviors more to feel the same “high”.


  1. You have financial problems.  Your rent, mortgage, utility bills, and other debts are not being paid so you have the funds available to purchase drugs, alcohol, or other items.


  1. You spend a lot of time in addiction-seeking behavior to get your drug of choice.  These behaviors include looking for it, buying it, finding ways to get money to buy it, and hiding it once you use it.


  1. You may experience symptoms of withdrawal if you decide to stop the addiction or cut back.  If you have withdrawal issues, then you might also be physically addicted to your drug of choice.


  1. You may exhibit poor judgment.  You begin to lie, cheat, and steal so you can continue with your addiction.  Your addiction is more important than anything.


  1. You lose your spirituality.  You no longer find the beauty in life or you no longer enjoy the things that once gave you hope.  You no longer feel peace or happiness within yourself.


If you find that you are experiencing one or more of the above, seek professional help or attend a 12-step meeting as soon as you can.  There is a saying in addiction about YOU’RE ELIGIBLE TOO (YET), meaning you might not have one or more of the above, yet.  Even one of the above can signify an addiction, therefore, do not wait until you have more items to check off from this list.  Any one item from the above can be a potential problem.


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