Women are challenged in fully understanding the experience of being a man. Likewise, men are challenged in fully understanding the experience of being a woman. Gender-specific treatment programs offer a unique solidarity, supporting the individual experience which can only be shared by members of the same gender identification. Those who identify as male, and female, can choose a women’s or men’s only treatment program where they can bond with their peers. There are also LGBTQ-specific treatment programs where those who do not identify with binary genders can feel welcome and supported by others who have a similar experience.

Shared experience is just one of the many reasons why it is smart to choose a single-gender identity treatment program for your loved one. Here are some of the other benefits of choosing gender-specific treatment:


  • Treatment is created specifically around the information about mental health in that demographic: Women experience more sexual abuse than men do, at earlier ages. Most women who experience addiction have experienced a tremendous amount of abuse, largely based on the fact that they are women. Men have a set of expectations to be strong, capable, and perfect in their lives, while women face other social expectations. Without a constant battle of the sexes, gender-specific treatment focuses solely on the single experience, catering all the treatment and therapy to that experience.
  • Men and women bond differently: Since ancient civilizations, men and women have had separate bonding rituals. Men hunted together, women gathered together. Men built, women created. Bonding to create fellowship and support in treatment is essential for building new healthy relationships and learning to create friendships. Gender specific treatment offers that unique bonding experience which touches on deep evolutionary needs to bond with people of the same gender identity.
  • LGBTQ specific treatment offers an informed and safe space: Sometimes, traditional binary-identified treatment programs are uncomfortable for people who identify as part of the LGBTQ spectrum. Despite attempts to be informed and inclusive, many traditional treatment programs are unable to cater specifically to LGBTQ in the distinct manner they need to in order to make sure someone feels as comfortable as possible being who they identify themselves as being. LGBTQ treatment is a safe and inclusive space that celebrates gender and sexual identity.
  • There are less distractions for sexual relationships: There is always a risk for sexual interaction and distraction at all levels of treatment, for all kinds of treatment. Almost all treatment centers have a no-fraternization policy, but it is broken. Those in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction have reprogrammed their brains for the experience of pleasure. Romantic relationships, sexual relationships, might seem harmless, but can bring up distracting and triggering emotions which threaten the treatment process.


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