Hired Power offers a multitude of services designed to give you the strength and strategies to fall in love with your new life of sobriety. These services are fully customizable and cater to your specific needs. They are not just a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead, they are tailored to your life and your recovery. Hired Power can ensure you are not alone through this transition and throughout your recovery.

  1. Personal Recovery Assistants – Hired Power personally matches a Personal Recovery Assistant that will help you feel at ease and has the necessary experience to guide you through your recovery. These assistants help you remain connected to recovery professionals after you transition into your home. They provide accountability, support, and guidance. Having a Personal Recovery Assistant can significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse.
  2. Safe Passage Transports – The travel home after treatment can be long and intimidating. Hired Power offers this service to ensure a smooth transition. A professional handles all of the details and provides you make it back to your home and the company of your loved ones.  
  3. Sober Monitoring – This service focuses on providing accountability and documentation. This is a proven system that leads to a successful recovery. With a variety of levels of support available for this service, you can feel confident that you won’t be alone in the recovery process. Sober Monitoring is designed to minimize the chance of relapse for those new to recovery. This transition period is stressful, so Hired Power is here to help.
  4. Recovery Care Management – Hired Power’s Recovery Care Management assists in managing the transition into your home. They create a personal recovery plan that is based on your needs, your experiences, and your lifestyle. They encourage healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle and help keep you on track.
  5. Interventions – Interventions are best when done by a professional. Hired Power can help you arrange a successful intervention. They provide a mediator that guides the participants and offers support as needed.

For some, just one of these services may be sufficient to give the extra boost needed to soar through recovery. Others may require a more comprehensive plan and opt for a combination of services. Whatever level of support you need, Hired Power is here to help. Please don’t wait, call Hired Power at 714-559-3919 to speak with a professional about your needs.