A positive attitude can be critical to a person’s success in recovery. Taking the steps to get there may seem challenging but it is possible and worth pursuing to stay clean and sober. Focus on the following five steps to get started.



When a person enters recovery, life will bring challenges. What can help is having a buffer in community, people who are close to and valued by a person and help the individuals to function well in the world. Social relationships promote positive wellbeing and mental health for people of all ages. The following steps can help a person connect with others:

  • Take time for face-to-face contact
  • Find new people to interact with
  • Master the art of small talk and listening skills (ask how a person is doing and listen)
  • Share rides with colleagues or friends to build connection


Get Active

Regular physical activity can lower rates of depression and anxiety. Exercise helps slow age-related cognitive decline and promotes social interaction with certain activities. A person does not need intense exercise to be active. Try the following activities to get physical and active:

  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator when possible
  • Walk at lunchtime rather than sit at a table or desk (invite a colleague for social interaction)
  • Walk, ride a bike or take a bus to work and other activities
  • Invite people to the park for pick-up games (basketball, frisbee, etc)
  • Join a social club which promotes exercise



Practicing presence can directly enhance a person’s well-being and help an individual savor the moment. Presence can help a person reaffirm priorities and focus on what is important. Heightened awareness also enhances self-understanding and allows people to make positive choices based on values and motivation. Try the following to get started:

  • Green up workspace or home with plants and flowers
  • Clear clutter at work and home
  • Try different routes to work
  • Meditate
  • Try yoga or other practice of quietness during the day


Keep Learning

Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages an active lifestyle. People who engage in educational and learning opportunities find enhanced levels of wellbeing overall. The following ideas can help contribute to a positive learning process in recovery:

  • Meet people further along and learn about how he or she did it
  • Sign up for more classes or groups
  • Read more books and watch less television
  • Do puzzles
  • Research positive ways to stay engaged in recovery


Give Back

An individual who participates in giving back in recovery is more likely to remain sober and clean. The focus is on the individual in addiction but learning how to help others and serve selflessly can build a positive framework for long term recovery.

  • Serve in recovery groups (when ready)
  • Offer to mentor or sponsor someone in early recovery (when further along in the journey)
  • Give back to family, friends and others without asking for anything in return
  • Volunteer in the community

Recovery can be a positive experience filled with opportunities to experience growth. If you or a loved one are ready to quit abusing drugs, alcohol or another substance and need help, call Hired Power. We will help you get started with finding your way to health.