As human beings, it is natural to desire a healthy sexual attraction and relationship with another person. Sexual desire is built into human DNA but can also lead people down a destructive path which is unhealthy and hard to get under control. A healthy sexual appetite is controllable with urges and desires to be with someone but the person is not completely devastated if a sexual encounter or experience is not available. Sexual addiction occurs when an individual feels desperate for a sexual outlet and will do anything to achieve that goal. There are five symptoms to look for to identify whether a person is struggling with an unhealthy sexual addiction.


Sex dominates an individual’s lifethe person has a hard time thinking of or doing anything else but looking for and seeking ways to engage in sexual activity to the exclusion of everything else.


The individual engages in risky behaviorphone sex, computer sex, use of prostitutes, pornography or exhibitionism are the only outlets this person can find to feed the sexual desires and proclivities with continued escalation over time.


Habitual self gratificationthe individual is not able to stop practicing masturbation to the extent that is the only thing on the person’s mind and there is a constant seeking of ways to engage in this behavior.


Illegal activityin rare and extreme cases, a person may engage in criminal activities such as stalking, rape, incest or child molestation because it is is impossible to quell the urge for continually more graphic sexual activity to sustain the addiction.


Hiding behaviora person engaged in sexual addiction will take any measure possible to hide the behavior from family, friends and coworkers. This may include erasing browser histories on computers, phones and tablets or spending time looking for and engaging in sexual activity while lying to cover the tracks.


Mental Struggle

Sexual addiction is a mentally challenging ordeal for not only the individual but family and friends as well. Although the manifesting behavior is to act out sexually, there is usually more to an individual’s reasons behind seeking sexual gratification on an excessive basis.


Seeking Help

A person with a sexual addiction will most likely not stop until something illegal is done and the person gets caught. Family and friends may also discover what is happening and confront the individual which can bring about more shame. Sexual addiction counseling is the best avenue for a person who is unable to control sexual urges and behaviors. A treatment program which offers therapy, support groups and self-help tools is most likely to offer the best environment for successful treatment of an individual’s sexual addiction. An action plan will be developed to help the individual connect with a spouse or partner while setting healthy boundaries.

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