Finding Strength in Recovery

Addiction is a challenge for those who struggle with getting clean and sober. Recovery is not a straightforward path, it is full of ups and downs. A person with addiction will continue to use a substance in spite of adverse consequences. Health issues, financial problems, failed relationships and time in jail may result from drug or alcohol use but substance abuse will persist in spite of it all because addiction is a hard habit to break. With so many facets, it is important to focus on ways of finding strength in recovery.

Learn five ways to build strength for recovery and combat addiction.

Finding Strength in Recovery

Finding help for addiction can feel like a daunting process, particularly during the initial stages. The following tips can help an individual find strength during the more difficult parts of the recovery journey:


  • Be kind to oneself.  People with addiction tend to focus on the negative aspects of a person’s character and misdeeds rather than focusing on recovery here and now. It happens to many people in early recovery. It is possible to move forward but it takes time and patience.
  • Acknowledge achievements. Big or small, acknowledgement of one’s own achievements is crucial to recovery. Recovery is a process built piece by piece, block by block. Counting successes helps an individual to see a pattern of growth and is a morale boost during treatment.
  • Mistakes happen. People make mistakes and each person moves through recovery at an individual pace. Setbacks are inevitable but are not the end of the world. Each day presents new opportunities to learn and strengthen one’s mind and body.
  • Shift in outlook. Begin each day with a positive attitude and outlook on life. The power to decide how one looks at the world is entirely one’s own. An individual can choose to dwell on negative feelings based on past mistakes but will result in less progress being made in recovery. To move forward, an individual must make a conscious choice to accept what happened and continue to move forward in spite of it all.
  • Avoid comparisons. Each individual wrestles with addiction differently. A situation may be similar to another’s but every person heals at one’s own pace and it is important to honor the journey for each individual. Making comparisons can set back a person’s recovery or trigger negative feelings which is not helpful in treatment.



Seeking Help

Asking for help is critical for individuals in recovery. It is not wrong to ask for a little extra help and assistance on the path to recovery. Stigma, misconceptions, intolerance and other things can make it difficult for people with substance abuse issues to get much needed help. In spite of the potential roadblocks, the tips provided can help an individual with addiction maintain strength needed for the journey and bring positive energy to the experience now and in the future.


Hired Power provides resources and tools to support families going through addiction. Recovery is possible with the right help and support. Contact us to find out how we can come alongside you in the journey to recovery.