Early recovery is an experience like none other. During the time,  you’ll feel like it will never end. Once you’re on the other side, you’ll look back and laugh. Stay sober for a lifetime and you’ll never have to do it again.

Decaf Coffee Is Absolutely Terrible: Many residential inpatient treatment centers believe that going all in to recovery is the way to go. That means no sugar, no junk food, and no caffeine. Energy drinks and coffee often aren’t allowed in residential inpatient. In lower levels of care, clients might only be allowed to consume caffeinated beverages during “break” times or at recovery support group meetings. For addicts and alcoholics, decaf in those early days just don’t do the trick. When you can do the “right about face” and drink coffee like a “normal person”, you’ll be grateful.

Sugar Is Worth Smuggling: Sugar for your decaf? Not likely. Candy in the afternoon? Not happening. Sugar can be as addicting as drugs and alcohol. In fact, many researchers believe that to be valid. Mood altering and mind altering, sugar is not allowed during most structured treatment. You’ll have to wait for those precious evening meetings and hope there’s cookies and doughnuts to go with that coffee.

The Struggle Is Real: Cravings and symptoms of withdrawal can last up to three to four week and return every 30 day period. The struggle to stay sober is real, but it is completely possible to overcome. Many are surprised by just how strong their cravings can be.

Snacks Are A Gift: Meals are another part of the structure in higher levels of care. As you transition through treatment programs, you’ll start to take on responsibilities for your meals. Until then, your food is provided for. Since most treatment centers run on the “mind, body, spirit” theory, you’re going to get a lot of healthy food.

Crying Is Cool?: Emotional breakthroughs abound in treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders. You’re going to cry a lot, and if you don’t, you’ll be asked why. Crying is going to be a new way of life. Get ready to do some feeling. You’re even going to learn to like it.

It’s Never Been This Awkward: Making social decisions, going out in public, talking to old friends…everything in early recovery just feels awkward. Things can get really overwhelming really fast. Just remember to breathe and remember, this early recovery too shall pass.

You Call Your Sponsor More Than Your Mom: Your sponsor is there to guide you through learning how to live sober. You can face a lot of decisions you feel absolutely dumbfounded about making. For sober guidance, you call your sponsor.
Recovery Is Possible One Day At A Time: No matter how awkward and uncomfortable this phase of your development is, you are progressing a little bit more each day. You’re realizing staying sober isn’t so bad, and it isn’t as impossible as you thought. One day at a time, you’re getting through early recovery.


Recovery is a journey. You don’t have to take it alone. Hired Power provides recovery services like safe passage transport and recovery assistants to make sure you have the support you need. For more information, call us today at 1-800-910-9299.