Establishing a social support system in early recovery is one of the most important cornerstones in any recovery program. If we look back to the “support system” that we chose to surround ourselves with while in active addiction we can easily begin to understand the importance of picking honest, compassionate, and understanding individuals for support while in recovery. In addiction, the people we surrounded ourselves with were focused only on when and how they could get the next drug or drink; this type of environment was devoid of any responsibility and desire to progress, There is an old saying that points out that “we will only be as successful as our least successful friend”. This is a good adage to keep with us when we are seeking out a social support system in early recovery because it forces us to choose our friends and confidants wisely in order to create an environment where we are motivated to be honest while knowing that we will be kept accountable by our peers who have the same goal in mind.

While there is obvious utility in choosing a healthy support network, there are also interpersonal benefits to associating with people who value integrity, honesty, and personal responsibility. When we are able to immerse ourselves in individuals who are aiming for similar goals to ourselves, we can utilize these individuals as stones in which we can sharpen ourselves against. In other words, we can use our support system as a kind of sounding board where we can discuss our ideas, perspectives, intentions, and concerns. In terms of the interpersonal benefits, we will be able to be exposed to people who are in the opposite position of those we chose to hang out with in active addiction. Rather than pushing us towards failure, we will be nudges into success and rather than individuals passively promoting our deterioration we will be surrounded with people who facilitate growth and progress.

Because it is not always easy for anyone to ingratiate themselves into an established group, we can actually turn to professionals who can help guide us to the right meetings or hangouts where we can find supportive people to help guide us in our recovery while helping to keep us accountable when we slip. It advantageous and arguably necessary to obtain support early on which is where Hired Power comes in. Hired Power provides professionals in the field of addiction who are keenly aware of how a solid support network operates. Whether it is their Personal Recovery Assistants, Care Managers, or drivers for their Safe Passage program, Hired Power provides addicts in sobriety the resources they need to establish a new and healthy support system.

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