One of the key components to success in recovery is the idea of accountability. It is crucial to be held accountable for your actions, behaviors, and decisions. It is your life and your responsibility. Hired Power offers a variety of services that help create an environment of accountability and promote a personal sense of duty to oneself through a support system.


Through the recovery journey, there are many ups and downs. Having someone to turn to during the difficult times is priceless. Often that someone is the difference between making the right choice and relapsing. The transition into daily life from a rehab center is a difficult one and can be quite daunting when done alone. Coaches provide education, support, and guidance during these times. Hire Power offers the service of a Personal Recovery Assistant to meet these needs. This person works with both the client and the family and friends of the client. Sometimes, additional support is needed for a person to maintain their strength and diligence through recovery. That is where a Personal Recovery Assistant provides an incredible resource to the client and their loved ones. These coaches are steadfast, educated in addiction, and professional. They know what to look for, they understand temptation, and they can relate to the issues involved. They offer support and structure, and they ensure the client is not alone.


Knowing that you are not facing difficult decisions and temptations alone can relieve some of the stress in recovery and give you the strength to stay true to your sobriety after returning home from a treatment facility. Having a companion, someone who understands your journey and knows your triggers is essential. Hired Power’s Personal Sober Assistants offer that companionship.

Monitoring Services

After successful completion of a rehab program, the transition into daily life can be a struggle. Sometimes, the use of a monitoring service is critical. During this stage of recovery, accountability can be difficult and unpleasant, but having coaches and companions is helpful. When it isn’t quite enough, and the client needs additional support, Hired Power’s monitoring services may be just the answer. These services encourage accountability, promote good decision-making skills, and sober choices. Available in three different packages, monitoring services provide exactly the level of support need by that individual. These services are completely customized and extremely personalized. They are tailored to the needs of the client and the client’s loved ones.   

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