Addiction is Really a Deeper Issue

Addiction is a symptom of deeper concerns and problems. You can think of addiction as an iceberg. Underneath the surface of the water, the iceberg is massive. On top of the water, the iceberg looks smaller and easy to navigate. Addiction is similar because the root causes of addiction are deeper and underneath the surface of your emotions.

Studies have proven that trauma can be a risk factor for addiction. Trauma can be from childhood abuse, neglect, combat, or car accidents. Growing up with instability or bullying can also influence confidence and esteem.

Peer pressure and social factors have  a significant role in age of first use and future addiction. Essentially, addiction can become a coping skill. Early feelings of rejection can lead to an innate desire to escape negative emotions.

All in all, there are many risk factors for addiction. In order to recover, you have to get to the root cause of your need to escape and numb. Inner healing is not an overnight process. Likewise, recovery is not an overnight event. Your recovery and healing is possible if you address the deeper issue.

Treatment is a really good place to begin. Addiction treatment helps you navigate the first days and weeks of sobriety. Treatment and detox will get you through the physical symptoms and educate you on the tools you need for success. Treatment will also address how to move back home and build a sober support network.

After treatment, there are a variety of support options. The 12-step program has been in existence for decades and has been proven to help many people gain a lifetime of sobriety.

There are several other recovery support groups available around the country. Therapy is a beneficial intervention to talk about past trauma and addiction in a confidential, professional relationship with a therapist.

Recovery is so much more than just not drinking or using drugs. Recovery is a healing process for your mind, body, and spirit. Recovery helps you heal from old wounds, mend relationships, and discover purpose in your life. Give yourself a chance to recovery, you deserve it.

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