Sex addiction may begin with a seemingly harmless attraction for porn, but before you know it, this addiction takes over your life and you are in the grips of a sex addiction brain.

Perceptions of Love

Sex addictions create an unnatural and unhealthy perception of sex and love. Porn, visiting call girls, and ogling at women are acts that addicts are driven to do in spite of themselves. You don’t necessarily have to be sexually deprived to take to such behavior. Married people, too, are liable to fall prey to this addiction. The endorphins released after the sex act stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain. The feeling can become addictive and lead men to sexual mores in order to experience it again and again.

It has also been noticed that people who are on stimulants and drugs are more likely to show symptoms of sex addiction. A head injury, which damages the frontal lobe of the brain, can result in such behavior.

Notice Behavior

The first act in getting rid of this addiction is to step back and take stock of the situation. You need to ask yourself about the results of your actions. What do you gain by visiting sex workers? Why do you spend time watching porn? Are there any problems in your life that such behaviors help overcome? Are there any better ways to address such problems.

The answers will help you understand your behavior and initiate positive action to overcome this addiction. Is it possible that your sex addiction is nothing more than a security blanket to shield you during trying times? If so, then surely there are better ways to deal with the situation instead of an addiction that wastes your time and money, and also puts you at risk of STDs. Such addictions invariably progress to other ones. When regular sex or porn fails to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain because of the tolerance that develops, then you will seek kinkier forms of sex. An introduction to drugs is around the corner. Don’t travel that far, come back while it is still easier to do so.

Take Action

In order to move away from sex addiction, you need to take a few steps. At a physical level, make an effort to stay among people. The sex impulse raises its head the moment you’re alone and then it’s only a matter of sitting back and viewing porn on your smartphone or tablet. Make a note of those times during the day when you’re most likely to be alone. Plan activities for such times. Or step out of the house to be with friends. Avoid networking with those who share this addiction with you. You’ll never be able to break free of this sex addiction unless you first break away from co-addicts. Exercise, play, and read.

At a mental and emotional level, give thought to the value of relationships and the manner in which sex strengthens such bonds. Ask yourself, if your partner deserves such behavior from you?

Sex addiction is relatively easier to overcome. Hired Power can help you leave this addiction behind. A lifelong recovery is possible but requires constant vigil. Trained counselors and de-addiction experts at Hired Power will help you chart and implement a full recovery plan. Call today. 800-910-9299