Let’s face it. Alcohol is everywhere. Alcohol also seems to be part of society, from the after-work drink to social events. Don’t be fooled. Just because alcohol seems to be a constant in our society, there are many other ways to truly enjoy your life.

Despite the seemingly socially acceptable nature of alcohol, you may be tempted to glamorize drinking, especially in early recovery. There is a saying in recovery programs about playing the tape to the end. Playing the tape to the end means that you need to consider all options. Think about drinking alcohol honestly. Is there a possibility that one drink can turn into a night of regret and shame? When you have come so far in recovery, taking this risk just isn’t worth it.

When you are in early recovery, learning how to navigate life without alcohol can seem like a daunting task. Stay encouraged. Recovery gets easier. As long as you can make it through the initial weeks and months of recovery, staying sober becomes easier. By year one or two, you will have built an entirely new life. The prospect of returning to drinking will seem ridiculous. You will begin to enjoy the sober life the longer you stay sober.

Recovery is not a punishment. Recovery is about replacing old self defeating habits with newer, healthier actions. If you realistically look at your life before recovery, you weren’t really living. Active alcohol dependency costs more than money. Addiction will cost you family, friendships, peace of mind, success, and even your life.

Consider weighing the pros and cons of drinking. Perhaps you need to actually make a physical, written list so that you can visualize the negatives versus the positives of alcohol use. More than likely, you will see that the cons of alcohol use far outweigh any potential pros.

Start filling up your time with sober activities. Avoiding boredom and isolation is key to avoiding continued alcohol use. Get involved with sober support, recovery meetings, new hobbies, and self care. Whatever keeps you focused and sober, make it a priority.

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