While there is no doubt that Alcoholics Anonymous, with its millions of global members, plays an extremely important role in reforming alcoholics and addicts, there are many who don’t quite feel comfortable with AA and its famed 12-step program. And this shouldn’t be held against anybody, you can recover from addictions even without taking help from AA. There are alternatives out there. These programs, resources, and accompanying support groups can help you beat your addiction and then continue to remain sober.


Options and alternatives to AA


SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is open to all kinds of addicts. Members follow a 4-point program to recover from addiction. These four points are developing and sustaining motivation; sublimating the desire for the addictive material; controlling thoughts and conduct; and focusing on an objective lifestyle. SMART Recovery emphasizes help and self-reliance to make healthy lifestyle alterations. It stresses mental well-being and encourages psychological therapy. They hold sessions online and also have meetings at venues in different places across the globe. (www.smartrecovery.org)



LifeRing is made up of members who have successfully come out of addiction to alcohol and drugs and now look to help one another remain drug-free and sober. Members meet face-to-face and share experiences, victories, and struggles in rising above addiction. LifeRing operates on the philosophy that victims of addiction have a Sober Self that needs to be strengthened and an Addict Self that should be quelled. LifeRing members meet all over the country; the San Francisco Bay Area plays host to a lot of their meetings. They can be found online too.  (www.lifering.org)


Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS)

SOS appeals to those who find the religious overtones of AA to be a little disconcerting. It does not lay stress on religion as a part of the recovery process; instead, it adopts scientifically proven methods. SOS advocates Sobriety Priority. It implies giving primacy to abstinence from substances one is abusing and striving to remaining sober above all else. SOS holds meeting in different parts of the world, it is popular in Los Angeles and can be found online as well. (www.cfiwest.org/sos)


Women for Sobriety

WFS is a support group meant only for women who wish to move on from their drug habit or give up alcoholism. Members are offered support through the “New Life” program, the basis of which are the “Thirteen Affirmations”. Positive thinking is encouraged and you are guided to altering your thoughts so that your conduct can follow suit. You can check their website and enquire if a meeting can be held at a venue near you. You can also participate in online discussions. (www.womenforsobriety.org)


In addition to the many wonderful recovery and support groups available online and around the world, the best way to beat an addiction is to undergo detox and withdrawal treatment at an accredited addiction rehab facility.  Hired Power can connect you with these options.  Call our staff today at 800.910.9299 for a consultation.