The holiday season is upon us. September marks the turning of the fall equinox which means summer is officially over. As many celebrate their “pumpkin spice” and “sweater weather” lifestyle, they also prepare for the onslaught of holiday celebrations which are only a few weeks apart through to the end of the year. Holiday songs tell us that it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”. Full of nostalgia, family, tradition, and joy, the holidays can be incredibly heartwarming, healing, and exciting. However, the holidays are also known to create an immense amount of stress due to planning, traveling, coordinating family members, being around family members, and more. Though the holidays can be delightful, the pressure to have the picture perfect, happy, joyous holiday celebration can become a fright for someone in the early years of their recovery. When in recovery, being sober during the holidays can feel just as lonely as addiction and/or alcoholism does, even in a room full of beloved family and friends.

Personal Recovery Assistants can be of great service to you and your family during the holiday season. Either a sober companion or a Recovery Care Manager, the Certified Personal Recovery Assistant is there to make sure you or your loved one feel as supported as possible. Recovery assistants are there to guide your loved one through the tricky social situations which arise with holiday parties, gift exchanges, and family interactions. Planning, organizing, and executing anything during the holidays can be stressful. Stress, for someone in recovery, is different than stress for someone who is not in recovery. Family members and friends can be supportive, but only someone who knows recovery personally can offer the kind of valuable support which is truly impactful. Recovery Personal Assistants understand what it is like to live in recovery and feel on the outside during what is supposed to be a season of inclusion and welcoming.

Having a Personal Recovery Assistant during the holidays doesn’t have to be a spectacle of any kind. Firstly, there is never a single aspect of recovery for which you or anyone else should feel ashamed. However, if you want to keep the support of your Recovery Assistant discreet, that is part of our service, in-home, during travel, and more. Getting through the holiday season does not have to be a threat to your health, wellness, sanity, or recovery. Call us today for information on how a Personal Recovery Assistant can help make the most wonderful time of the year more wonderful.

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