An Intervention May be your Loved One’s Best Hope

Perhaps you’ve seen television shows about addictions and interventions. You may have a general idea of what an intervention looks like and the goals for an intervention. Your perspective on this type of approach may be accurate, but try to look at this from a different angel. An intervention may actually be your loved one’s best hope for recovery.

The most powerful aspect of an intervention is that this is your chance to say how you feel watching your loved one live a life in active addiction. You get to express the pain and fear that you live with everyday knowing that they are putting themselves in harms way. The intervention is also a chance to establish strong and permanent boundaries, until your loved one agrees to go to treatment.

Often times, family members who have a loved one in active addiction unknowingly enable the addiction. The reason for exhibiting enabling behavior is definitely out of love and concern. The intervention process allows you to show the same love and concern. Interventions allow you care in a way that has been proven to strongly encourage your loved one to enter the doors of a treatment center. After all, their life depends on recovery.

One of the aspects that makes an intervention so powerful is that you are establishing firm boundaries for yourself and your loved one. The family and close friends get to express how deeply they care. Family and friends also get to say that if your loved one does not go to treatment, there will be no more enabling.

This may seem harsh, but it is exactly what may be needed to encourage your loved one to seek help. There have been many people who have said that an intervention saved their lives. An intervention may be your loved one’s best and final hope.

Recovery is not always easy, but sobriety gets easier. Your loved one may be scared and unsure at first. Having treatment set up immediately following an intervention can increase their chance for success. Consider interventions services from Hired Power for your loved one today.

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