When there isn’t any time to have a conversation or reach out for help, there’s always an app. Apps for stress reduction through mindfulness and meditation are great ways to take care of yourself on the go. Learning how to take a mindful moment and relax during stress is a life changing practice for recovery. You learn you can breathe through the stress and manage difficult emotions without picking up a drink or a drug.


This app was designed by psychologists to help users track their results by practicing mindfulness and logging daily wellness with a check in. Visualizations, breathing techniques, and guided mindfulness meditations are all easy to use, lasting no more than 7-8 minutes. By checking in with your mood and logging your meditations, Pacifica tells you how you’re progressing and analyzes your data. There are communities in the app you can connect to when you need to talk to someone.

Hello Mind

In the midst of stress is is hard to remember the last time you were this stressed and how it felt when you were finally able to let the stress go. Hello mind asks you to identify what stressful things you are dealing with then present you with a hypnotherapy session.


10 minutes is all you need to make the most out of this world famous meditation app. Through a series of animated videos and guided meditations you are taught the various tools you need to develop your own meditation practice. Pay for the app and you’ll encounter topic-specific meditations like balance, creativity, focus, and happiness.


Happify Daily is a great website with happy articles, tips, and suggestions. The app is full of games created to challenge your neuroplasticity and help you retrain your brain. After doing a full assessment to discover what you need to work on, the app helps you heal through each area.


Calm is a simple and straightforward app which uses a combination of pictures, sounds, and meditation to help bring you instant relief in a stressful moment.


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