Watching a teenager struggle with an addiction or a mental health issue is heartbreaking for parents. Parents want nothing but the best in health, happiness, and success for their children, in every regard. Addiction is more than a teen facing trouble- addiction is a sign that a teenager isn’t healthy, isn’t happy, and is using maladaptive coping behaviors in a self-sabotaging way. Desperate to help their young children forge a hopeful path for the future, parents try tirelessly to bring their offspring to recovery in any way they can. Some parents are lucky enough to get through to their teens and watch the miracle of recovery take place in their children’s lives. Teens can reconnect with their families, rebuild their social circles, and reintegrate with school life, all thanks to the hard work of getting and staying sober.

The hard work of sobriety doesn’t end with recovery for teens, especially those heading back to school. Like all things in recovery, school becomes one of life’s many challenges which need to be coped with in a healthy way. Thankfully, there are many services and accommodations in school and outside of school which can help a teen find success in their academic life.

School Accommodations

Each school county handles their accommodations differently. Generally, however, working with a school’s disability process shouldn’t be an overly complicated process. Schools need professional proof that accommodations are appropriate for your teen. Paperwork from a psychiatrist, doctor, or treatment center outlining a diagnosis and the necessary accommodations will undergo a review process. In addition, your teen may be asked to interview with the accommodations counselor or specialist to talk about their experience with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use, or more.

What Accommodations Are Available?

Academic accommodations vary depending on a student’s disability and their specific needs. For mental health conditions, a few specifically stand out as being needed: extended testing time, project/paper deadline extensions, note-takers, time out of class for breaks, counseling, or other self-care needs.

How Hired Power Can Help

School accommodations are meant to make integration with the academic lifestyle as seamless and stress-free as possible. At Hired Power, our mission is very much the same- to reduce stress and bring manageability to recovery and the families who are living in it. Together with our case managers, families can strategize the accommodations a teenager will need. In conjunction with school, teachers, and parents, a teen is set up with a strong, supportive network whose primary focus is their success. Case managers help maintain the organization and communication necessary to keep all components of a client’s recovery in order and functioning properly. As a result, recovery gets to come home, and go to school.

Hired Power offers recovery services designed to make your family’s journey through the recovery process as seamless as possible. Our dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals strive to bring their personal passion and professional expertise to your every need and concern. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring recovery home and focus on where healing matters most: family. For information on our services, call us today: 714-559-3919