Being Mandated to Treatment Doesn’t Mean you Won’t be Successful

For those who have been mandated to treatment for legal, marital, or family issues, recovery may seem more like an obligation and less like a choice. Try not to be downtrodden. Being mandated does not mean that you won’t be successful. In fact, this may be the breakthrough you have been waiting for.

Being mandated to a treatment program may feel that you don’t have a choice in the matter, when in all actuality you do. You can choose to learn and grow. You can choose to give recovery your best efforts. You can choose to let this be the start of a new life.

Try not to look at mandates treatment as an obligation. Changing your perspective on the whole matter will help you get the most out of it. The truth is that if there are legal consequences to your drug or alcohol use, you may may not have a good reaction to using substances. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but perhaps you can use this experience to learn about yourself and your substance use.

Being mandated to treatment means you may have to attend 12-step meetings and/or counseling. Consider mandated treatment a trial run. You get to experience sobriety, 12-step meetings, and counseling to see how they feel for you. You can use these mandates as a way to get to know yourself and experience what sobriety feels like. You will also learn about addiction and what you can do to prevent future consequences.

By attending mandated services, you will learn what you like and don’t like. The 12-step program is a well known group for alcohol and drug addiction. However, not everyone operates in the same way. Some people may prefer Narcotics Anonymous to Heroin Anonymous meetings. Other people may prefer individual therapy to being in a group setting. Essentially, by participating in mandated treatment, you will learn what your preferences are.

Lastly, you get the opportunity to finish your obligations successfully and move forward in life. The hope is that you learn about yourself and are able to implement changes to avoid future consequences.

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