The Benefits of a Personal Recovery Assistant

The journey of recovery begins with the first step. Your new recovery life should not be travelled alone. A recovery assistant can help you learn the ins and outs of recovery. A recovery assistance can also help you recognize your triggers, prepare for recovery, and help you figure out what this sobriety thing is all about.

Addiction experts agree that isolation is a barrier to recovery. You can’t learn about your triggers and how to combat them alone. You need the insight and guidance of someone who is committed to your sobriety. A recovery assistant has one goal in mind – you!

Addiction experts also understand that the longer someone is part of the recovery process, the greater their chance of long-term success. A recovery assistant will work with from the treatment phase and continue working with you when you go home.

Recovery isn’t a one time decision. Recovery is a way of life. You have to relearn how to work, be successful, be a friend and family member all while sober. This can seem incredibly daunting. A recovery assistant will help you tackle this one step at a time, one day at a time.

A recovery assistant will help you make your home environment recovery based, and work with you on disposing of any triggering items that you may have. A recovery assistant may also work with your family on making sure that your recovery is a priority.

Having a personal recovery works to keep you motivated in your sobriety. Many people have fallen into the trap of returning to the same behaviors once they leave detox or treatment. Your recovery assistant’s goal is helping you avoid this trap by getting involved in meetings or support groups and teaching you how to live your life sober.

Personal recovery assistants help you figure out how to participate in social events. They will develop a personalized plan based on your strengths, weaknesses, and concerns. Recovery assistance services are discreet and your confidentiality is highly valued. Personal recovery assistants develop a plan  tailored around your schedule and your needs.

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