Individuals with a sex addiction don’t know how to limit or stop their sexual behavior. They use sex to cope with life’s stresses, or avoid dealing with them entirely. But there comes a time when the sex isn’t enough for such individuals, and they are left feeling empty and unsatisfied.

However, sexually compulsive behaviors can be treated, just like any other addiction. If one’s partner or spouse is willing to work on the issues that compel their sex addiction, then there is hope for the marriage. But whether or not the non addicted spouse wishes to stay in the marriage is up to them. So what is the key to staying in the marriage?

Marriage and Sex Addiction

Anyone who finds out that their spouse has been sexually promiscuous, whether with pornography, or online or with other partners, will probably not feel any compassion for them. Anger and rage perhaps, but definitely not compassion. However, if both spouses are committed to working through the sex issues, and growing together then it is possible for the marriage to survive.

The good news is that there are plenty of sex addiction treatment options available. The couple must work to understand what sex addiction is as well as their own personal issues to grow together. Of course the spouse with the addiction must also commit to stop all sexual behavior outside the marriage.

Divorce and Sex Addiction

Not all couples in this situation stay together. There are many cases of divorce occurring when one spouse finds out about the other’s sex addiction. Some reasons for the non addicted spouse to end the marriage could be:

  • An inability to forgive the betrayal or accept the sexual addiction.
  • The addicted spouse’s unwillingness to stop the sexually compulsive behavior.
  • The marriage itself lacks a strong foundation and commitment.

Despite the fact that there are treatment options out there and therapists who can help couples going through a hard time with sexual addiction issues, but it is still understandable if the non addicted spouse wishes to end the marriage. Only that individual can really know how much they can tolerate or whether it is time to end things and move on.

Are you or a loved one struggling with sexual addiction? If so, it may be time to seek help to control your sexual impulses. Hired Power will support your journey to recovery.