Chris Tucker, who overlooks all technical infrastructure for Hired Power, agreed to share his experience with us on “Awakening.” He has been in recovery for drug addiction since Feb 16, 2008 and is coming up on 7 years of continuous sobriety. This native Houston, Texan was able to share his experience on awakening in a very touching and profound way:

Ali: When you hear the word Awakening, what does it mean to you?

Chris: Awakening…Almost like discovery. New opportunity. Newness of life.

Ali: Tell me about your experience with Awakening in regards to discovery?

Chris: It is more about discovery of yourself- what you are comfortable with, what you aren’t comfortable with, how you set boundaries, ways you can improve, and how to be a better you.

Ali: Describe your most recent awakening or “Ah-Ha” moment.

Chris: It was the end of a long-term relationship and I found out I was awakened to the idea that it is ok to be alone. Self-reflection leads to self-growth. Sometimes being alone helps you to see that a little better.

Ali: What have been your personal internal and external gains from this awakening?

Chris: It has allowed me to see the areas I need to work on within myself and it has allowed me to focus on them. It has let me see where I get uncomfortable, where I get fearful, to give myself a pat on the back, and to see where I am doing really well.

Ali: Do you believe that there is only one awakening?

Chris: I believe awakenings are constantly happening and it just depends on the scenario you are currently facing. We have small awakenings every day by having interactions with people, with our jobs, friends, family, or just even with that person you meet in the grocery store.

Ali: What has been the most significant awakening?

Chris: I would say there are 2- 1) was the decision to get sober and 2) was when my mother passed away. It made me realize how fragile things are. You constantly think everything will always be there and when something important is taken from you, you realize in that moment, you got to depend on a higher power to guide your every day life. I had to become an adult.

Ali: What has been the most painful awakening and how have I come to accept this?

Chris: The fact that I am not perfect. I am learning to accept this because imperfections provide me with an opportunity to grow.

Ali: What is a “Higher power” awakening to you?

Chris: Awakened to the idea that everything happens the way it needs to happen and that there has got to be something guiding that because there are so many times I was faced with something that seems impossible to overcome yet they always worked out better than I would have planned with my own action.

Ali: What do you think the key to obtaining a personal awakening of any kind?

Chris: Awareness- not only of those around you, but self-awareness. Self-awareness if the key to all of that- recognizing your actions, your assets and your faults.