college drinking

College drinking in the United States is a huge problem. However, many people do not realize how big of an issue binge drinking and alcoholism is in the youth of today. Part of the reason for this is because the information can be difficult to compile. There are so many sites that say many different things, and it can be very hard to differentiate the truth from the fiction. In order to determine the reality of the situation, you first have to understand the data behind the situation. The following explains some sites that are excellent at demonstrating the monstrous issue of alcohol on the campuses of America.

College Alcohol Abuse Resources

The absolute best website to visit for information on alcoholism and abuse is the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (also known as the NIAAA). Although this website is extremely helpful and informative, they also sponsor the Statistical Snapshot of College Drinking and the Underage Drinking Research Initiative. Both of these programs greatly help statistics and information on college and underage drinking, and they are making great bounds in the research on alcoholism in the youth of today.

The second website is geared primarily towards university administrators and professionals, but the site is easy to read and the information extremely reliable. College Drinking Prevention is an often untapped resource of alcohol information and statistics. In addition, you can visit the website called College Drinking and Drug Use. They are very up to date on most findings, statistics, and research on preventing alcoholism in young people. They also help educate the issue to schools and organizations in attempts to decrease the amount of deaths related to alcohol. The website additionally has many contributors, references, and sponsors, making it an extremely valuable source.

The last two websites can also help inform you about alcoholism and abuse in colleges of the United States. OAS.SAMHSA.GOV can help you find statistics and is always expanding its research on college drinking patterns. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also has extremely reliable references and trustworthy data for you to consider. Whatever source you use, there is no way to escape the fact that drinking is a major problem.

College Alcohol Abuse Statistics

In the United States, every 4 out of 5 students drink alcohol, and one half of those drinking engage in binge drinking activities regularly. Binge drinking is the dangerous habit of consuming 3 or more drinks in one period of time. In some cases, it can lead to alcohol poisoning or death. In fact, 1,825 students from ages 18 – 25 die from alcohol related deaths every year. During the same course of time, 690,000 will be assaulted while drunk or by someone drinking, 97,000 will be victims of sexual abuse or date rape related to alcohol, and 599,000 will be injured while under the influence of alcohol. By the end of the year, about 150,000 students develop alcohol related health problems, and 25% are experiencing academic trouble because of their drinking.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem.

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