Going back to school as a young adult who has recently finished treatment can seem daunting. With knowledge of on-campus resources and services provided by Hired Power, your family can create a well-structured program of recovery which supports the student in your life.

Meetings On Campus

Many campuses around the world offer 12-step resources right on campus. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are most likely available on campus once or twice a week. Since 12-step groups are worldwide, there are most likely to be meetings within a very short distance from campus. Students in recovery can find a local sponsor, build a network of recovery peers, and make like-minded friends who are also in recovery.

Counseling Centers On Campus

College campuses most often have a counseling center or psychological services center. Being a student in college can be extremely stressful. Students might develop depression or anxiety as a result of stress. Likewise, if students have been dealing with mental health issues before college, the stress might worsen some of their symptoms. A college might offer an internal health plan or work with external health plans for coverage and cost. Working with a campus counseling center, a student can regularly seek therapy, possibly participate in group therapy sessions, and even see a regularly visiting psychiatrist who can manage prescriptions if needed.

Sober Dormitories On Campus

Since substance abuse and recovery from substance abuse are becoming more widespread on college campuses, many colleges are offering sober dormitories. Living in a dorm on campus can be an amazing part of the college experience. However, partying, drugs, and temptation right within someone’s living quarters can be both stressful and triggering for a student in early recovery. Sober dormitories give students a safe place to live and study, while making life long friendships with other sober students. Commonly, there are sober living homes off-campus as well, within close proximity to the school.

Arranging Treatment

Students who need ongoing clinical care at lower levels of care can both attend school and an intensive outpatient or outpatient program at a nearby treatment center. Case Managers at Hired Power can help to arrange treatment, provide accountability, and maintain communication between a school, your family, and whatever treatment your child attends.

Monitoring Services

Accountability is key for college students in recovery. Monitoring services help students stay in contact with their case managers through email check ins, text check ins, phone call check ins, and more. Monitoring services might include urinary analysis tests with a trusted lab nearby, coordinated by the Case Manager. Staying accountable for a year helps those in recovery build healthy habits and maintain honesty in their program.

Hired Power offers recovery services designed to make your family’s journey through the recovery process as seamless as possible. Our dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals strive to bring their personal passion and professional expertise to your every need and concern. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring recovery home and focus on where healing matters most: family. For information on our services, call us today: 714-559-3919