Continuation Planning: The Importance of Coming Home

You’ve completed your stay at the rehab facility. Your big day has arrived. You have been both looking forward to this day, and likely even dreading this day a little bit becuase it’s time to come home. Successful completion of rehabilitation is a considerable achievement. Congratulations are in order.

Remember that recovery isn’t over now. Instead, you are entering the next phase of your recovery journey. Statistics say between 40 percent and 60 percent of people who successfully complete rehabilitation end up relapsing when they come home. This doesn’t have to be your fate. With the right support system in place and a continuation plan personalized for your situation, you can stay faithful to your newfound sobriety.

A continuation plan is similar to a treatment plan in that it is a pre-designed, specific plan that you follow to maximize the likelihood of staying sober after treatment. Just as it was essential to have a team of professionals to help you through the treatment process, it is just as critical to have professional support as you emerge back into your life and create new, positive habits that are in line with your recovery goals.   

Hired Power offers a continuation plan that includes everything you need from the moment you leave the treatment facility to weeks after you return home and are learning to implement your healthy habits into your lifestyle. The continuation plan is customized to focus on the areas that are most important to you incorporate coaching and sober monitoring, as needed. The monitoring service also provides a means to build trust both in others and in yourself. This program encourages accountability and gives you the support you need when you need it. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this program is the ability to allow your friends and family to be just friends and family, instead of judge and jury. You can thoroughly enjoy your positive, healthy relationships, knowing that you have a professional support system just a phone call away. With Hired Power’s monitoring service, you can take responsibility for your recovery, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Hired Power also offers a Recovery Case Management service which effectively creates the continuation plan and helps bring it to life for you. Our dynamic team is ready and waiting to help you and your family through each step of recovery. Call us today: 714-559-3919