adult peer pressure

Peer pressure is a very real concern for many adults. Adulthood is full of concerns and anxieties about appearance, the desire to be accepted and ability to fit in with peer groups. Coping with peer pressure as an adult need not be challenging with the right tools and resources in hand.


Positive Influences

The people we surround ourselves with have major influence on how we feel, think and behave. Individuals in close inner circles can support people to make positive, value based choices so as not to veer off track. People who possess a high degree of self-discipline can help motivate friends to maintain healthy habits when faced with challenging situations.

Social groups can also negatively influence a person’s behavior rather than support the individual to reach new levels of success. Pressure from peers may cause the person to feel like one has to keep up with the neighbors and are pressured into a lifestyle which is not healthy. Self-sabotage can be detrimental to a person’s well-being and ability to set positive, long term goals.


3 Tips for Dealing with Adult Peer Pressure

To combat negative influences in a person’s life, three things can be helpful. Whether it is purchasing a new home, a new car, exploring career opportunities or working on kicking old habits, it is helpful to use the three following tips when exploring spheres of influence in one’s life.


Know Yourself: when faced with a decision on how to proceed, it is recommended to ask the following questions as a mechanism against self defeat:

  • What feels right probably is
  • Find activities that promote positive thinking and behavior
  • Make daily choices to invest in health, wealth and well being
  • Find positive direction for life
  • Have a positive mindset to avoid negative influences or pressures


Be assertive: when a person is putting pressure on to do something unhealthy, use eye contract and say ‘no’ directly. If explaining oneself is required, consider phrasing thoughts in terms of ‘I think, I will, I want.’  Anticipate what friends or family may say or do to consider a more assertive response.


Validation: Criticism comes from a place of insecurity. To make positive changes, know the right choices, do what is best and create a list of things which make oneself feel best. If changes are needed, use the list as a reminder why it is worthwhile to experience the changes to keep on track and focused with support from others as needed.


Most importantly is to stay true to one’s own true self and ambitions in spite of what others think. Peer pressure only carries influence when it is allowed to do so. Letting go of what others expect can provide a pathway to success for adults to live a happy and successful life.

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