Though treatment can be a long term experience, it is also a short period of time. Treatment can be helpful in many ways by creating a foundation of recovery. However treatment exists in a bit of a vacuum. The outside world is not catered to recovery in the same way it is in treatment. Transitioning into daily living can be a challenge as you make the change from a recovery-centric life to regular life where recovery is still your main priority. Setting up a lifestyle of recovery at home can feel overwhelming when you are trying to focus on staying sober. A recovery assistant can help you set up a recovery lifestyle and start to redevelop every area of your life to be recovery-focused.

If You Need Mentorship In Recovery

Some people come from worlds where their culture, society, and jobs demand a high party profile. Finding friends who value a spiritual journey and recovery can be difficult. Additionally, not everyone is lucky to have a welcoming and supportive family. A recovery assistant can keep up the fellowship aspect of recovery and provide support.

If You Need High-Profile Privacy And Security

Addiction and alcoholism can affect anybody of any culture, race, socioeconomic income, and any other factor. High profile celebrities, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and other people with a public reputation are in need of private, trustworthy, secure support in maintaining their recovery. Our recovery assistants can provide the subtle, empowering support you need to continue your job in the public eye while keeping a focus on recovery.

If You Are Prone To Chronic Relapse

Relapse happens in recovery, but it does not have to. For some people, relapse happens often. The brain is weakened with every relapse, constantly reinforcing the idea that drugs and alcohol are the solution to any problem. A recovery assistant can help you navigate the many challenges of life and recovery. Having experienced recovery on their own, they are able to relate from personal experience while offering professional expertise on everything recovery.

If You Cannot Complete Treatment

Insurance providers can stop benefits, emergencies can happen at home- there are many reasons why treatment can be interrupted. If there isn’t an opportunity to complete treatment, a recovery assistant can help you create a program of recovery at home, setting up an entire lifestyle conducive to creating a treatment program utilizing different doctors and treatment providers.


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