When most people think of the word “intervention” they picture a room full of loved ones preparing to confront a person dealing with addiction. Well-meaning, concerned, and worried family members and friends come together to make an impression and to hopefully persuade the individual into getting the help they need.

Sometimes, though, an intervention is about much more than just one person who is addicted. An entire family can be in need of an intervention. Often times when there is one person dealing with addiction, there are others in the family struggling with their own demons. Maybe they have addictions themselves or some other issues that need to be dealt with right away. A family intervention is designed to diagnose and analyze all members of the family. The goal is to bring all of the issues and problems into the light and to give everyone a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings. It is this honest sharing environment that promotes healing. This is the time when people can face their realities and accept the potential problems. Once they are aware of the issues, they can begin to deal with them. Working together, as a family, allows them all to ensure their voices are heard.

Interventions can be complicated and difficult as there are so many personalities, emotions, and opinions involved. Many times, it is best to have a professional present to mediate. Having someone that is well-educated in terms of interventions, addictions, and treatments can be invaluable and can greatly increase the probability of a successful outcome.

Hired Power offers intervention services and can help create a safe, open environment for your family. Ensuring everyone is comfortable and knows that this is a healthy, proactive process will go a long way to gaining the acceptance of all family members as well. An intervention only works as well as its participants. With Hired Power on your side to help create a positive experience for everyone, you can set your family on the right path with a family intervention. Don’t delay, please call 714-559-3919 to talk with Hired Power about your family’s needs.