Human nature compels people to seek answers to the big questions in life. When it comes to the reason why something goes wrong, it can be too easy to put the blame on others. A person who struggles with alcoholism may express the fact drinking happened because of someone or something else. The truth is only one person is responsible for behavior: the person actually doing the drinking. Here are some tips to put drinking behavior into perspective.


Blaming Others is Unhealthy

Children of people who drink may hear the phrase ‘I drink because you do (insert here).’ When something is said often enough and heard by your, sensitive and vulnerable ears, it may become believed as truth. Alcoholism is a disease that results from denial and people not being able to take responsibility for personal actions. It becomes easier to put the blame on someone else rather than accept personal responsibility for the cause of the problem.


Take Responsibility for your Decisions

A person’s own behavior and actions belong to themselves and nobody else. The uncomfortable truth for individuals with alcoholism is the choices are not someone else’s nor are the consequences. The fact is, nobody can make someone else drink, or stop drinking. Ultimately, the decision to drink and to seek help with quitting comes from one source only. Blaming others for personal decisions can result in further denial and a shattering of relationships that comes from hurting family, friends, and co-workers who are only willing to be blamed for someone’s drinking problem for so long before it becomes untenable.


Patterns of Behavior

Making choices about how to deal with the difficult situations which arise is an uncomfortable, but necessary, part of life. Patterns of alcohol abuse can begin in the family but it does not excuse future patterns of behavior. It is the responsibility of the individual to make choices that are healthy. Many options exist for receiving assistance and support to break old habits and patterns. Therapeutic intervention can be helpful when breaking through past challenges to address current realities as it regards alcoholism.


Why People Drink

Much is not understood even now about what preventions, treatments or cures exist for alcoholism. The myriad reasons people drink are not well understood, either, especially when the individual knows it is hurting family, friends and oneself. The power to quit drinking lies within oneself to make the decision. Support from loved ones is crucial to the process, but these individuals cannot choose for that person what to do or when. It is within an individual’s personal power to take the biggest, most important step of acknowledging a problem exists then taking steps to achieve sobriety.

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