Every family has their share of problems. No family is without their issues. When someone in the family is dealing with addiction, the result can lead to increased turmoil among family members. In the wake of this distress, families often subconsciously create dysfunctional family roles as a coping mechanism.

Addiction affects the lives of more than just the person who is addicted. Friends, family, and loved ones all feel the impact. These dysfunctional family roles serve as an unhealthy means of dealing with the added stress of addiction. For instance, often one role created is the scapegoat. The scapegoat is the person that takes the brunt of the blame when things get tough. Even when it’s not their fault, or no one is to blame, the family finds it easiest to blame the scapegoat.

Another common role is the jester. The jester uses laughter as their primary defense mechanism. They make light of everything and take it upon themselves to entertain the family and make people laugh, often at the expense of others, sometimes themselves. This is the person that doesn’t seem to take anything seriously and seems immune to the seriousness of the situation.

A family dealing with addiction may use these dysfunctional roles to help them deal with things they can’t wrap their heads around. When they don’t understand and don’t know how to react, people tend to fall into these roles and commit to playing the part. Often it isn’t just the individual with the addiction that needs help and support, but instead, it is the entire family. Professional help may be the best option for a family in need.

Hired Power offers a multitude of services to deal with addiction. These services extend beyond the person directly dealing with addiction. Hired Power provides support and education to the entire family. The goal is to provide treatment and guidance to all involved so that everyone can participate in the solution and everyone can begin to heal. Comprehensive, personalized services provide you with the skills needed to get out of these dysfunctional family roles and to become a healthy, supportive, and loving family. Don’t let addiction continue to destroy your family. Please call Hired Power at 714-599-3919 today and take the first step towards healing for you and healing for your entire family.