Enjoying Life When you Don’t Drink

When you first get sober, you may feel that you won’t have any fun anymore. When you really look back to ponder your life while drinking, you may realize that there were more bad times than good times. Once you get sober, you can learn to enjoy life even more than you did when you were drinking.

Life can be lived to the fullest without drinking. When you choose to practice sobriety you may initially have some hesitation. There are options for you as you practice sobriety. Knowing what options are best for you and what options you are most comfortable complying with will take some time and dedication.

Practicing sobriety can lead to more enjoyable moments. These moments include living life to the fullest and practicing self-care. You can still go to that party, meet your friends after work, and you can enjoy dinner without consuming alcohol. Your life will change, but it can do so in positive ways.    

When you are practicing sobriety, it’s beneficial to be surrounded by positivity and other sober friends. Many things can be done while you practice sobriety that can enhance your life for the better. Go on long walks, try out that new restaurant, go for a hike, or call a friend. If your addiction led to unnecessary spending, in sobriety you may have the extra funds to take a cruise, or buy that outfit you’ve been eyeing. Enjoying life while sober does not have to be difficult.

You may find that your early morning walks are filled with more positive thoughts as you actually experience the rays of the sun on your skin. You may find that the lobster is far more tasteful while sober than you enjoyed while you were not in sobriety. Enjoying life while practicing sobriety gives you more time to spend with family, more time with sober friends, and more time to take care of yourself.

You may have more time to read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf. You may find yourself singing a different tune before bed.  You may find yourself feeling more hopeful and enjoying weekly activities. You will find that enjoying life while you are practicing sobriety will come with challenges. You will be ready to face challenges successfully and be proud of your hard work.

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