One of the most difficult barriers we are forced to face in early sobriety is that which is the wreckage of our past. Aside from the strained or broken relationships, deterioration of our physical health, and the onset of depression and anxiety, there are many of us who were also facing various legal problems associated with our drug and alcohol use. While it would be understandable that one may want to avoid their legal issues, especially with so many other issues to tackle in early sobriety, the particular matter of legal issues ought to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The ability to face our legal issues head on can be a good exercise because it requires the adoption of patience, personal responsibility, and the ability to manage stress adequately. Similarly to our addictions, if the matter of legal issues goes unaddressed they will compound upon themselves which will ultimately make it more difficult to tackle the issue than if we addressed them with immediacy.

There are a myriad of potential legal troubles we can find ourselves in after the wake of a relapse or bender and the tendency, especially for the addict, is to try and circumvent these issues rather than dealing with them. As was stated previously, making the decision to become willing to face whatever consequences that arise legally allows us to prepare for life in general because legal matters aren’t ameliorated immediately which requires patience. Because these matters can last for weeks and possibly months before any resolution is achieved, we also need to be able to implement stress management techniques such as meditation, grounding exercises, a stroll through the park, or good conversation with a friend. Finally, facing legal issues in early sobriety requires that we take personal responsibility for our actions, whatever they might have been. This is not only important from a legal perspective, but it is crucial from the standpoint of the necessity of adopting integrity as one of the foundations of a solid recovery program.

Because the legal waters can be a unfamiliar and scary landscape to navigate, Hired Power provides specialized services such as Care Managers and Personal Recovery Assistants who can help with support, guidance, and connection in their quest to ensure long-term and quality recovery for all their clients. While we must be willing to do our part, Hired Power can provide the light that can help guide us through these difficult and confusing times.

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