Personal Recovery Assistant Services can be critical to the success of an individual in treatment. It is important not only to get a good match but also to support the individual in the process of beginning a new journey towards a new life, free of addiction. Learn how to find an appropriate Personal Recovery Assistant and how the right one can change a person’s life.


Finding a Personal Recovery Assistant

The process of finding a Personal Recovery Assistant begins during the initial intake and assesses different challenges a unique personality needs and goals for treatment. With different challenges to face, it is important to listen to an individual to identify areas of specific need. Some of the following qualities are considered when matching an individual with a Personal Recovery Assistant:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Physical fitness
  • Personality type
  • Communication styles
  • Lifestyles
  • Background
  • Common interests
  • Experiences
  • Motivation level
  • Areas of expertise including addiction, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, gambling and others

A phone or face to face interview will be recommended following identification of a Personal Recovery Assistant to develop rapport and a level of comfort.

Assigning an Assistant

An assistant of the same gender is very important to best practices in finding the right fit for an individual in recovery. The support of an individual of the same gender is key to understanding how a person thinks, feels and reacts in situations. Gender specific assistance makes the most sense in this regard. It is of utmost importance the recovery assistants are top notch, qualified and available to assist individuals at a high level while maintaining professionalism and supporting individuals through recovery at the same time.


All services provided by assistants are completely confidential to protect the individual in recovery. A wide range of professional, high-profile, older and younger adults individuals experience the need for an assistant so confidentiality is key. Certified Recovery Assistants work to support an individual through challenging circumstances that arise in a person’s life while in recovery.


An individual who makes a good recovery assistant will be a fit with the individual in recovery’s personality traits, experiences and challenges. For example, if an individual is a business owner who travels and has quit prescription drugs, it will be important to try and match up the recovery assistant with that individual who closely mirrors the work history and addiction issues. The recovery assistant is more likely to be of support and help if he or she understands more of the individual’s experience than not. It is very important to find a good match who the individual in recovery trusts and feels comfortable enough with to share the struggles in order to grow, heal and recover.

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