To forgive means to let go of anger towards someone that has wronged you and to stop blaming those responsible for some pain or hurt you have endured. Forgiveness applies to pain and hurt that is both real and imagined. Addiction can alter your perception of reality and the people in your life. In the throes of addiction, it may feel as though your loved ones’ action were meant to inflict pain. In reality, they were likely trying to help you and maybe went about it the wrong way. Also, for many people dealing with addiction, the susceptibility to drug and alcohol abuse stems from past trauma. Sometimes people turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to deal with the pain from those traumas, no matter how long ago they occurred. These situations can lead to resentment, anger, even hatred. In many cases, these feelings are 100 percent justified. You were hurt, you were wronged! Someone is to blame! Now it is about you. Focus on you, not on them. As contrary as it may sound, forgiving those that have wronged you, is not for their benefit, it is for yours. Release those negative emotions and begin the healing process. Your loved ones deserve your forgiveness, and you deserve the release that comes with forgiveness. Now that your recovery journey has begun let your loved ones start the healing process with you.

Hired Power offers a Monitoring Service which effectively allows your friends and family to be just that: friends and family. They no longer need to “police” you and they can go back to offering their unique love and support. In recovery, you need friends and family. They are a crucial part of your recovery journey. If they are always checking up on you and making sure you are staying faithful to your sobriety, then they are unable to be there for you in the capacity of a friend or loved one. The pressure and stress your recovery can potentially put on your loved ones are immense. Let a highly trained professional take on that burden so that you can begin the process of mending and strengthening the precious bonds with your loved ones.

Get the help you need, and it is just one call away. Call Hired Power at 714-559-3919 and start rebuilding the most important relationships in your life. Begin a recovery journey that gives you and your loved ones the freedom to enjoy every moment from here on out.