Many people who seek help for substance abuse are motivated by their desire to be present for their families and friends, as well as successful in their careers. So after detoxification or treatment it is natural to want to return home and resume life. Returning to the environment in which drinking or drugging took place can also be dangerous.

By contacting Hired Power and finding a sober coach in Costa Mesa you can provide the addict or alcoholic in your life with the support they need to have a smooth and healthy transition out of treatment. By finding a sober coach in Costa Mesa you are enlisting Hired Power to help with clean sober monitoring from all angles.

Hired Power monitors client’s attendance at AA meetings and other therapeutic appointments. Hired Power is also there to keep an eye on any co-occurring disorders while keeping track of their physical sobriety by providing random drug screenings. Hired Power’s goal is to facilitate growth towards a healthy life of sobriety.

Our certified personal recovery assistants, known as a sober coach or sober companion, work with the addicted individual closely to help develop healthy patterns of behavior in all aspects of their life. Whether it is at home, in school, or on the job, a sober coach can be there to provide suggestions on how to practice the principles of recovery in all their affairs. While doing so, Hired Power is committed to providing support discreetly and maintaining each client’s anonymity. The team at Hired Power knows that every addict and alcoholic has different struggles and different aspirations. Each client is provided with an individualized transition plan that helps them reach the goals they desire in a healthy manner.

If you are interested in finding a sober coach in Costa Mesa and are ready to start a new life that will foster long-term sobriety for you or a loved one then contact Hired Power today.