Jealousy is an emotion everyone experiences at some point in life. How a person chooses to respond to jealous emotions is a choice every person must make. Over the years, a person is able to better evaluate emotions and bring joy rather than jealousy. It is possible to be free of jealous emotions and find some peace of mind.


Wallowing in Jealousy

When a person acts out in jealousy, or wallows in the emotion, jealousy becomes a negative force in life and can become all consuming. It is necessary to then evaluate why the person is letting emotions take control and find ways to get a better grip on what has happened. The cause of jealousy is often focusing on the exterior of another person’s life and forgetting to dig deeper into the truth of a situation. Social media is a breeding ground for jealousy which provides a false perception of perfection to make a person believe individual people are the only ones struggling (which is irrational).


Underlying Reasons for Jealousy

Jealousy most of the time stems from insecurity or the feeling of being threatened. The best way to overcome jealousy is to develop a plan with some tools for different stages of the journey in recovery. Take a look at five ways to navigate jealousy.

  • Be honest with oneself
  • Awareness is key
  • Admit jealousy is a problem
  • Ask if insecurity is the root cause
  • Use jealousy as a motivation for positive change


Working Towards Change

One of the best ways to work towards change is to use jealousy as a motivational factor. The following are some ways to get started on the road to letting go of jealous emotions:

  • Practice gratitude and thankfulness for what exists in the present
  • Let go of jealousy which has toxic effects on a person’s body, mind and soul by practicing meditation or other practice
  • Transform jealous thoughts and feelings by learning to manage emotions and respond better

Jealousy is a natural emotion every person will experience. The problem stems from negative repercussions coming as a result of letting jealousy take over the journey of recovery. It is possible to resist temptations to give into jealous emotions by utilizing the tools and resources provided here and by counselors who help form more positive interactions with self and others.


Create the life you want. If your current recovery journey is a struggle, we are here to help. Call us to find out how we can support you with additional resources and information for the road ahead.