From Here to There: 10 Reasons Why Safe Passage Transport Should Be Part of Your Plan

  1. When you or a loved one makes the decision to admit themselves into a rehabilitation center or facility, the temptation doesn’t stop there. It is crucial to get to the facility safely, quickly, and with no distractions.
  2. The rehab facility may not be nearby, and when choosing the right treatment facility, proximity isn’t always a factor. What does this mean? It means that the facility may require a long drive, an airplane ride, or some other lengthy type of transportation. The longer that drive or flight happens to be, the more opportunities present themselves that may derail the decision to admit themselves. Having a safe, sober, and supportive means of transportation when you need it may be the difference between getting to the treatment facility or changing your mind.
  3. Completion of treatment doesn’t mean recovery is over. Safe Passage is available to ensure you or your loved one makes it home from the facility without any complications. The Safe Passage driver is well-informed, protective of your sobriety, and educated in addiction. They will guide you or your loved one back home and make sure that those first critical temptations don’t undermine the treatment thus far.
  4. Convenience can’t be overlooked here.  Knowing that you have a safe, responsible driver available when you need them is pertinent to making sure you don’t fall back into your old routines.
  5. Safe Passage Transport is reliable. When that critical decision to enter rehab is made, there isn’t a moment to lose. With Safe Passage Transport, you can count on someone who has your best interest in mind.
  6. Get the support you need, when you need it most. How many people have changed their minds on that drive to the rehab center? Far too many. With Safe Passage Transport, your driver is certified and well-education in terms of addiction. They will offer you the support you need to commit to your decision.
  7. Accountability begins now. The moment you leave the treatment center, you are responsible for your own sobriety. Even when no one is looking, you have to make the right decision. With Safe Passage Transport, you have an accountability partner all the way home.
  8. Returning to your “normal” life can be stressful and can cause the return of many of your triggers. With a supportive driver, you will have that extra strength needed to resist temptation despite your triggers.
  9. Safe Passage Transport gives you control of your recovery from the beginning. You make the choice, you aren’t dependent on anyone else but you.
  10. Peace of mind is priceless. Knowing that your transportation needs are met, no matter when or where you need them, eases stress and allows you to focus on the important things: your recovery.  

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