5 Ways to Get Through a Craving

Having cravings to use is a frustrating experience, especially when you have been dedicated to recovery. Cravings to use drugs or alcohol may seem like they come out of nowhere. If you can recognize that you are don’t have to act on your thoughts, you are well on your way to getting through cravings. Here are 8 ways to think and believe your way out of a craving.

A thought is just a thought.

This is a huge point to remember when it comes to recovery. During the beginning stages of recovery, it is normal to have cravings for drugs or alcohol. Instead of acting on the thought, stop and think. Using just once will lead you back to the cycle of active addiction.

Remember the benefits of recovery.

Think about yourself and the relationships that you are building with your loved ones. Using one time will jeopardize all of your hard work, and could seriously impair your interpersonal relationships.

Wait 15 minutes.

The thing about cravings is that if you don’t glorify the thought, the craving does pass. Remember, a thought is just a thought until you act on it. Before you give in, do something to pass the time. Read a book, grab a meal, call a sober friend, watch a movie, do anything except use. The cravings do subside if you give it time!

Go to a meeting or spend time with your sober friends.

If 15 minutes have passed and the craving is still there, consider going to a meeting or hanging out with friends. Meetings will help you talk about the craving in a safe environment. Being around sober friends will remind you that you are not alone and you can get through the craving without using.

For every craving that you successfully beat, reward yourself.

Getting through a craving is a huge deal! You deserve to acknowledge your success. Go buy a new outfit or go to the movie theatre. Whatever it is that you find rewarding, do it.

Cravings to use drugs or alcohol are scary and you may question if you are headed for relapse. Don’t be discouraged because cravings are a normal part of early recovery. Breathe. Remember how far you have come. Do something special and reach out to your support system. If you can follow these steps, you will get stronger and eventually the cravings will decrease in severity. Recovery is a beautiful gift and you deserve it.

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