percocet withdrawal

Percocet is a pain relief drug which is a blend of oxycodone and acetaminophen. A person’s body can become used to the presence of Percocet when used regularly for a few weeks. Withdrawal symptoms can occur if the person tries to stop using the drug and the body seeks to restore balance. Detox from Percocet can be very uncomfortable but there are ways to get through it with the right support and help.


Percocet Withdrawal

Considered one of the stronger opioid medications on the market, an individual’s body can quickly develop a tolerance for Percocet. Some of the dangers of withdrawal may include a depressed heart rate, making it hard to breathe normally or regulate the respiratory system. Other health problems can exacerbate withdrawal and lead to serious complications. Medical supervision is recommended when seeking to withdraw from Percocet to ensure proper monitoring for the health and safety of the individual. Percocet should not be ceased suddenly if the drug was used for an extended period of time or at high doses.


Factors of Percocet Withdrawal

While withdrawal can be uncomfortable, it can also be extremely difficult for some individuals with other risk factors including:

  • addiction
  • co-occurring medical conditions
  • dependency
  • length of Percocet use
  • physical reactions to withdrawal
  • underlying psychological issues


Success is possible even if it is more challenging with the above factors. An individual who seeks help to treat Percocet withdrawal symptoms and is willing to accept support can ultimately achieve success towards recovery.


Percocet Withdrawal Methods

A range of methods exist to help ease withdrawal symptoms which include the following:

  • Pharmaceutical or prescription drugs: Clonidine (reduces anxiety, agitation, stress), Methadone (replacement for individuals treating drug cravings) and Tramadol (pain relief and mood regulation)
  • Over-the-counter medications: muscle relaxers, flu medication and sleep aids can help with Percocet withdrawal symptoms without complications of dependency
  • Tapering Percocet: one of the most effective ways is to slowly reduce doses of oxycodone over time in 10-25% increments depending on level of doses and severity of addiction. A treating physician can provide an individualized tapering schedule for weaning off Percocet


Natural Methods

To withdraw naturally from Percocet requires first taking care of any acute withdrawal symptoms which last approximately three days. Symptoms will be most severe during this time. Some tips for getting through without medication include:

  • asking for support of loved ones to help take time away to deal with the withdrawal symptoms (which can cause sickness)
  • allowing time for sleep and rest without stress
  • exercise and get a massage to help with cramping (and promote production of serotonin)
  • talk therapy or supportive friend or confidante to explore feelings about withdrawal


Work with a doctor to discuss the best individualized plan for Percocet withdrawal. One of the best ways is under the guidance of a treating physician who can provide resources for detox facilities and treatment communities to provide physical and mental health support to be successful.

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