Having a Recovery Assistant Empowers You

You may have been able to do everything on your own before, but recovery is a different experience. You may have gone to college or entered a successful career almost entirely on your own, but recovery is a little different. Your success lies in reaching out to people with more recovery experience than you. Having a recovery assistant is not a sign of weakness. Rather, having someone assist you actually empowers you and increases your chance for long-term success.

A recovery assistant is like a coach. When you think about major league sports, the coach is often an ex sports player. They have the inside scoop to plays and strategies. This is exactly what a recovery assistant does for you. They give you a different perspective from someone who has the inside scoop about recovery. Recovery assistants may or not be in recovery themselves, but a recovery assistant is definitely invested in your success.

Starting the recovery journey is an emotional experience. You are going to have to adjust a few things in your life. You will need to make your home recovery friendly, end negative thinking patterns, pursue healthy connections, and even grieve your relationship with drugs or alcohol. A recovery assistant will walk with you from day 1. Your assistant/coach will help you understand your triggers, strengths, and weaknesses with the goal of keeping on you on track permanently.

The recovery assistant can meet with you in your home. Meeting in your home provides an element of safety and discretion. You may not feel comfortable with everyone knowing about your recovery. This is perfectly okay. As long as you, your recovery support system, and your recovery assistant know what is going on, that is all that matters.

A recovery assistant is a relationship based on openness and honesty. This relationship is judgement free.  Your personal recovery assistant will teach you everything that you need to know to stay sober. Even if you slip, your recovery assistant will help you figure out what went wrong and work with you to avoid relapse in the future.

Hired Power is an expert in bringing compassion to addiction treatment. If you want to find out more about how having a personal recovery assistant can be an asset to your recovery, call Hired Power today at 714-559-3919. Hired Power is the expert you need to help you become empowered in your recovery journey, one day at a time.