Heart wounds can be difficult to heal, but take time and cannot be rushed. Resolution of heart wounds can help settle an individual into a sense of peace rather than contribute to further crippling of one’s relationships and life. Many people have no clue why certain actions are being taken but most of it can be attributed back to unresolved wounds of the past. Heart wounds from both childhood memories and painful adult life experiences can color a person’s worldview and behavior. Learn more about how to heal a broken heart and move forward with a positive outlook.



A person’s wounds can prevent successful relationships and bring misery, brokenheartedness and strife for that person and everyone in the circle of family, friends and loved ones. Unresolved wounds can keep a person from actualizing positive energy and focus in life. Some painful experiences which may hold a person back can include:

  • Abusive parents, siblings or other relatives
  • Bullies at school
  • Childhood trauma
  • Deception by family or friends
  • Job loss
  • Loss of spouse due to divorce, death or other means
  • Rejection


Wounds and Mental Health

Heart wounds caused by struggle in life can be traumatizing but it is how a person reacts which can make the biggest difference. If a person avoids dealing with heart wounds, it is difficult to resolve the issues at hand. Physically fighting back woundedness can force a person to feel there is no other option but revenge. Solving life’s hurts can feel pointless and affect a person’s mental health over time. Many people report feeling peace after having some resolution to suffering in one’s life.



The role of forgiveness cannot be understated in binding a person’s wounds and helping the healing to start. The only way to be rid of pain from the past for good is to offer forgiveness to people who did the wounding. Offering forgiveness can occur in a person’s heart, on paper, in person or other means. Many ways exist to provide forgiveness but it is going to help the person offering it more than the person receiving as, oftentimes, forgiveness provides space for healing to begin.


Forgiveness will not erase the past hurts experienced but it will help to face the painful event and memories of the past. Hiding pain will prolong its power over a person. Giving oneself permission to be healed begins with forgiveness in one’s heart and in one’s life. Counselors can help get the process started by allowing a person to process pain and experience the hope and peace found in forgiving others. It will not happen overnight, but with time, healing will occur and the person will begin to feel more free to live into the expression of life that awaits on the other side of woundedness.


Hired Power comes alongside hurt and broken individuals and provides space for healing from addiction and substance abuse. If you or someone you love needs help overcoming addiction, call us to find out how we can support the journey to recovery.