Suicidal thoughts can bring up feelings of isolation and fear. Often painful past life experiences coupled with addiction can be traumatic and challenging to deal with emotionally. When an individual feels overwhelmed by the events and circumstances of life, suicidal thoughts can begin to creep into one’s consciousness.

Why They Happen

Emotional trauma and pain can bring thoughts of suicide to the forefront of an individual’s mind. The ability to cope with the negative feelings associated with life’s experiences are unique to each individual as are the mechanisms used to cope with them. Some common factors can bring suicidal thoughts into a person’s mind.

Problems with Solutionsloss, anxiety, mental health conditions, medical issues, substance use disorders, financial, legal and other problems can lead people to feeling overwhelmed and without options. With perspective, the ability to see what seemed insurmountable as a problem with a solution can help lessen suicidal feelings. Treatable conditions such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can get better with lifestyle changes, therapy and medication. Old habits become ingrained in thought patterns which are hard to break without the help of others trained to bring new perspective and solutions.

Suicide as Only Optionindividuals who have suicidal thoughts become lost in thinking suicide is the only option and there is no other way out. The solutions exist but it is often hard to see them due to distorted thinking which revolves around negative thoughts and feelings that spiral out of control. Help is available to develop better coping mechanisms for life’s stressors and to bring about positive change. Therapists, friends, loved ones and others can be useful in this regard and should not be discounted as an option for support.

This too Shall Passa suicidal crisis may make life seem unfair and as if the world is against an individual more so than others. Although it seems at the time as if the crisis will never end, truth be told, crises are almost always temporary and solutions can be found with some perspective. Suicide should be seen as a permanent solution to temporary problems.

With time and help it is possible to alleviate suicidal thoughts and bring about positive change. Often circumstances feel more intense in the midst of a crisis than they actually are and people should not seek to downplay the severity of a problem, rather seek to offer guidance and support. Peers, friends and loved ones are a great resource but professional help may be needed if suicidal thoughts continue unabated. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel so reach out and ask for support even if it feels difficult, things can and will get better with help.

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