A student has gone away to college and developed a substance abuse problem. Poor grades are a stressor for parents. Difficulty fitting in, making friends, or handling the stress of independence and a rigorous study schedule can be concerning. Few parents know the deeply upsetting trouble of finding out their beloved child has become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and that school, for now, simply isn’t an option.

Alcoholism and drug addiction come with an attachment of shame, stigma, and stereotype which characterizes those who struggle as weak, bad, troublesome, failures, and more. Making the decision to pull a child out of college to attend treatment is a difficult one. What will it mean for their future? Today, the stigma of mental health issues is actively being worked against. Increasingly, society at large is recognizing addiction as a true medical problem, and a life-threatening one at that. Being in recovery from addiction is never an inhibitor. In fact, the strength, resilience, growth, and courage which comes with recovery create a brighter future for students than they could have imagined for themselves.

Interrupting a semester or the “ideal” college plan is a necessary and small sacrifice when a student is struggling with a substance use disorder. Too often, parents fret about not wanting their student to miss school. Experiencing alcoholism or addiction, a student is missing out on happiness, health, developing life skills, and building a positive foundation for the future. Throwing what seems to be a wrench in a college plan is nothing compared to the devastation which could be caused by injury, illness, or fatal overdose- all of which is the unfortunate reality of substance abuse gone untreated.

Working with an interventionist will help your family plan the best way of approaching the student in your life with a plea for them to seek help. An interventionist at Hired Power will work with a dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals to find treatment placement, create a treatment plan, and arrange any transportation services necessary to make sure your child finds success in treatment, recovery, school, and beyond.

Hired Power offers recovery services designed to make your family’s journey through the recovery process as seamless as possible. Our dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals strive to bring their personal passion and professional expertise to your every need and concern. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring recovery home and focus on where healing matters most: family. For information on our services, call us today:714-559-3919