Without creating concrete changes in the way a recovering individual lives their life, it isn’t going to be worth living differently. Recovery requires meaning. Developing meaning takes action. Short term treatment without long term planning usually sends someone back to their old way of living. With a head full of therapy and a body clean of drugs and alcohol isn’t enough to protect someone against old triggers, behaviors, and responses.

Creating A New Routine

It’s important to create some staples in life that can be relied upon like anchors in the storm. Meetings, jobs, going to school, seeking certifications, or chasing a dream should be set up to create a plan for the future. In recovery, individuals are encouraged to live life “one day at a time”. However, too much free time and spontaneity can lead to bad decisions. Having the accountability of a new, productive routine can keep a schedule full, the mind distracted, and sights set on long term recovery.

Working With A Professional Transition Team

Hired Power provides Recovery Assistance services in which a certified case manager and a Personal Recovery Assistant work with you and your family to create a transition plan that helps you bring recovery from the treatment center home. Not everyone has the time, insurance, or financial means for long term treatment. Everyone is capable of long term recovery. It takes careful planning, accountability, and a commitment to the goal to get there. Together, we develop a plan to connect you to local meetings, support groups, and clinical providers so you can continue the important work you started in treatment.

Why It’s Important To Make The Transition

Early recovery can be hard when you are still experiencing the struggle of drug and alcohol cravings. Once you arrive home and responsibilities set back in, it can feel as though you’ve made no advancements at all when all your time energy and focus is being put into just staying sober. Recovery is about more than that. Working with a transition team to create a solid plan helps you do the work you need to do- staying sober- while others support you in getting everything else taken care of along the way.

Recovery never has to be done alone. Hired Power is here to help. With years of personal and professional experience in the field, our team members are qualified to help you succeed in life and recovery. For more information on all of our recovery services, call us today at 1-800-910-9299.