The traditional 30 days of treatment model is rapidly becoming an idea of the past. An increasing amount of research is proving that long term treatment has the greatest effect. Long term recovery, or recovery for a lifetime is more likely the longer someone stays in treatment. Traditional residential treatment course of stay continues to be approximately 30 days. Continuing through a step down process of treatment programs is best for continuing therapy, restoring physical health, learning new life skills, and making a smooth rather than abrupt transition back to independent living. After a mere 30 days of treatment, the mind has only just begun to heal and the body is still weak. Risk of relapse runs high for the first six months of recovery. A typical course of treatment might follow this process: detox (if necessary), residential inpatient (30 days), residential treatment (90 days), intensive outpatient (90 days), outpatient (1-2 months), and after care or alumni services (1-2 times per month).

Spending six months in treatment isn’t always an option for people. If it is possible the longer amount of time in treatment the better. Following traditional methods of treatment isn’t always requires. Today, telemedicine is becoming a popular platform so those who don’t have the ability to take large amounts of time out of their life for treatment can still be treated. Working with a therapist and creating a personal program of recovery can still be effective. Going to “treatment” or a treatment facility does have its benefits like being able to focus solely on recovery and healing. However, many of the same life skills and relapse prevention techniques can be learned and developed from home.

Choosing the path of recovery which works best for you and your lifestyle is difficult to do when you are told there is only one way to recover. Hired Power is a recovery services company which works with families to bring recovery home in the way which works best for them. We offer many at home services for before, during, and after treatment, if treatment is part of the picture.


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