It can take people years until they are finally ready to admit that they have a problem which needs to be treated. Drug and alcohol addiction has an expiration date. Eventually, the body and the mind will give in. Despite a doctor’s stern warning that the next drug could be an overdose, the next drink could cause wet brain or liver shutdown, addicts and alcoholics continue to use. For those seeking treatment for other issues like process addictions including sex and gambling, or mental health issues which have pressing symptoms, there is always a worsening state. Until treatment and recovery, mental illness, of any kind, gets worse, not better. Once you have finally realized you are not in control of making things any better- you can’t stop your symptoms of depression, you can’t change your relationship with gambling, you can’t stop using drugs and alcohol- it is time to take action. As soon as you have found yourself willing to get help, timing is of the essence. You should take action and get into treatment as soon as possible.


Make sure you have a plan


Without a solid plan you might be tempted to do things your own way, which you have likely found by now doesn’t tend to work. Having a plan for treatment means you are committed to showing up to a treatment center, program, or you will have created the numerous appointments for creating your own program of recovery at home. Accountability is key in creating change. Making a plan you can stick to is an effective form of accountability. You know you have somewhere to be and something to do within a certain period of time. However, temptations to relapse and digress may still arise.


Consider using Safe Passage Transport


If you are traveling, any distance, to receive treatment, you should consider using the Safe Passage Transport service offered by Hired Power. From packing up your belongings and leaving the house to getting on a plane, train, or bus, there can be temptation at every step- both outside and inside your mind. For those seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, there is always a threat of finding hidden substances and being tempted to use one last time- which could easily turn into using again, and not going to treatment. For others, there are mental risks of self-sabotage and deception by choosing not to go to treatment, not to get help, and not make necessary changes. Our recovery professionals help you keep the momentum going and navigate any challenge or temptation with personal experience, fostering empathy, compassion, and a commitment to moving forward.



Our goal at Hired Power is to help you bring recovery home and live a full, healthy, happy life after treatment. From treatment planning to sober monitoring, our full list of recovery services are designed to empower you to focus on healing while we take care of the details. Call us today for information: 714-559-3919