Are you serious about getting sober? Are you now finally aware that you are no longer drinking for fun? And when you successfully kick the drinking habit, it will likely happen after a period during which you had moved from being an occasional drinker to an addict.


There is a strong cultural association of liquor with fun. And liquor is considered essential for having a good time to such an extent that revelry is considered quite impossible in the absence of one’s favorite tipple. This makes it difficult for people to even consider the idea of giving up alcohol for good.


As every drinker has experienced at one time or the other, our thinking when not under the effects of alcohol is very different from our delusional thought processes when tipsy. And, it is then that we also realize sobriety isn’t half as boring as it is portrayed by today’s party culture. That’s some food for thought, isn’t it?


There are many who have recovered from alcoholism and will testify to the fact that life can be fun even without alcohol. Recovering from alcohol addiction is definitely worth the effort. For every sob story about how life’s misfortunes have driven people to alcoholism, there are many inspirational tales that talk about celebrating life without the crutches of liquor.

Life, most assuredly, is not a bed of roses and one has to encounter ups and downs. But this is all a part of the never-ending learning process and it helps us evolve. And sobriety is a pre-condition for evolving and growing as human beings. It enables us to live life to the fullest.

Even if you kick your drinking habit in the twenties, there is a chance that you’ll regret that you couldn’t find someone to guide you out of it earlier, to tell you that one can only party so much before you end up hurting yourself. Young people especially need to be made aware of the myths about how much fun alcohol can be and the assumption that it’s uncool to say no to alcohol. It’s important that society promotes sober role models, people that alcohol addicts can look up to and learn from.

Stay Sober Rules for Girls

  • Always say no to alcohol.
  • Stay true to the above point at all times, and stay true to yourself.
  • Don’t worry about what others think about your decision to not consume alcohol.
  • Be totally at ease being yourself.
  • You will often be the coolest girl in a gathering, don’t let that surprise you.
  • Have fun.
  • Make constructive use of the time on hand.
  • If you’re a drinker who has successfully kicked the bottle, then great. Stay sober. And avoid dwelling on the past.
  • Learn from mistakes and use these as an opportunity to grow.
  • Make your own rules.
  • No regrets. Ever.
  • Leave a gathering with your morals, honor, and sobriety undiminished.
  • Value other people’s time and don’t keep them waiting.
  • Resolve to do the right thing even if it is the difficult thing to do.
  • Know that you can seize stimulating and invigorating opportunities only when sober.
  • Face the truth and live it.

It’s time sobriety got an image makeover.

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