Addiction affects not just adults but also teens. Young adults are vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse and, if addicted, they need to be nurtured carefully back to sobriety. Substance abuse among teens is a major problem. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that one out of every four students in the 12th grade have used banned substances in the past month. Teens are impressionable and need guidance as well as counseling. It is vital that a rehab center be totally safe so that the recovering teens are shielded from any kind of negative influences.

Privacy and Security

A secure rehab center keeps the young patients comfortable and allows them to relax. Privacy helps them undergo treatment in a low-key manner so that they escape the stigma attached with drugs. Young people who get tagged as addicts find it difficult to get assimilated into the mainstream. A treatment center that ensures privacy also keeps outsiders and undesirable elements at bay. A recovery center for teens should be staffed by doctors who are available to handle any medical situation or withdrawal related complications. Detox is an important stage during the recovery process and has to be managed carefully.

Pleasant Surroundings

Teens, because of their age, need to be treated with care and should exhibit vibes that make teens forget that they are in rehab. The facility should have attributes that encourage the teens to participate in the recovery process. The staff should be pleasant and the accommodations should be inviting. Facilities for activities such as swimming, yoga, reading, basketball, and gym activities should be provided. These activities keep the teens engaged and offer a mind-body workout that invigorates them. These help keep drug-related thoughts and urges at bay.

Therapeutic Work

Group therapy should be such that issues related to young adults are given prominence. Teens should be encouraged to absorb lessons from the positive experiences of other recovering teens.

The therapy center for teens should provide different levels of care depending upon the severity of addiction, age, gender, and overall health. Treatment protocols can include residential recovery programs, outpatient therapy, counseling, private detox, and group therapy. Residential programs offer excellent results because the recovering teen is under constant care. A private detoxification program is structured for teens who want to keep their treatment private.

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