How to Pinpoint Barriers to your Recovery

Honesty and awareness is a great way to enhance your recovery efforts. You should really think about your goals of recovery. While you are establishing goals, you may find it helpful to pinpoint barriers that could come between you and long-term recovery.

Not having time for recovery can be a barrier for your long term sobriety. You need to make time for your recovery. Schedule days for meetings or meet ups with sober friends. If you catch yourself saying that you don’t have time to go to a meeting or be with friends, recognize this as a potential pitfall.

Are your family and loved ones supportive of the new you? Hopefully the answer is yes, but as you move farther along in sobriety, you will notice that not all old friendships are beneficial for your new life. You can’t always end every connection you have, but you may want to supplement your circle with positive, sober relationships.

You may also need to set a clear distance between you and people who still use. Surrounding yourself with people who are still abusing drugs and alcohol is a huge barrier to your recovery. There is a difference between immersing yourself with people who still use and keeping a healthy distance. Hence, the importance of supplementing your circle with sober, positive people.

Journaling is a great tool for figuring out what other barriers you may have. You can spend a few days to a week simply writing your thoughts on paper. If you have a craving, stress, or even a moment of triumph, you can write all of this down. The goal is to discover what your stressors may be. For instance, you may find that you are extra irritable if you don’t have a full night’s rest. By journaling, you will learn that a good night’s rest helps you stay motivated and less agitated.

Once you have knowledge about barriers to your recovery, you can begin implementing changes. You may want to reach out to an addiction expert to get the ball moving. Learning about your barriers is one thing, but getting personalized assistance for removing barriers and implementing change is beneficial to your recovery.

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